We offer super-fast, reliable Internet services across Australia on all networks, including NBNTM,  Opticomm and our privately owned InfiNet fibre networks. 

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100% Australian Owned

100% Owned & Operated

Keeping it local in Australia

no lock-in contracts

No lock-in contracts

No commitments on services*

Unlimited Downloads

Unlimited data

All internet plans are unlimited

Super-Fast, Reliable Designed Internet

Super-fast internet

Fast, reliable internet speeds*

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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia-wide project funded by the Federal Government to provide all homes and businesses with a fast, reliable connection to the internet.

The NBN is replacing older copper cable ADSL networks with advanced technology, including fibre optic cables and fixed wireless and satellite connections

OptiComm is Australia’s largest privately owned provider of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) networks, which is an alternative to the government-owned NBN (National Broadband Network) fibre cable network.

It is one of the few private alternatives to the government-owned NBN (National Broadband Network) fibre cable network that most people are familiar with.

OptiComm operates as a wholesale provider, selling their plans to other internet service providers.

Their infrastructure relies on FTTP technology, directly transmitting internet to individual buildings through fiber optic cables.

InfiNET Broadband is an internet service provider that supplies high-speed internet Australia-wide. We offer Internet service across all networks including NBN, Opticomm and our own privately owed fibre networks.

We are Australian based and including over the phone customer support. One of our major differences to our competitors, as well price and understanding your expectations and delivering them. We look forward to making your internet experience one to remember and to talk about with your friends and family. We look forward to providing you with the best and most reliable internet services.