InfiNET Broadband - Connecting to the HIR Network

How to connect to the HIR Network

  1. Connect the Power port on the back of your Wi-Fi modem to the power socket
  2. Connect the WAN port on the back of your Wi-Fi modem to the UNI-D port # “X” on the ONT (shown by the yellow cable in both the diagram and picture)
    • “X” = When your HIR service is active, InfiNET will send you an email with the UNI-D port number that has been activated on the ONT
  3. It’s best to relocate you Wi-Fi modem internally using the lead-in patch leads (grey cables shown in the picture). This will allow you to get optimal placement of the Wi-Fi modem.
    • For best coverage don’t leave the Wi-Fi modem in communications cabinet (unless you have additional access points that connect to your Wi-Fi modem that will be placed internally
    • To do this, connect the lead-in needed to the active UNI-D port and then connect your Wi-Fi modem to the wall socket internally the other end

Note: This image shows a Wi-Fi modem located in the cabinet and the grey lead-ins, connect additional Wi-Fi access points internally, to distribute the Wi-Fi signal around the home

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