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InfiNET Broadband Data retention Policy

InfiNET Broadband takes your privacy seriously, we will only retain customer data in line with billing, customer service or legitimate law enforcement obligations. We do not monitor your network traffic, data or activities.

In line with our obligations under telecommunications legislation and the Privacy Act, InfiNET Broadband does not keep your web browsing history, download records, or copies of your emails and phone calls.

We do keep a copy of your communications with us, such as emails, to help us meet our customer service levels. We do retain some data needed for specific purposes, such as billing. Once this data no longer needed, it will be destroyed.

There’s further information about what data we collect, why, and who we might share it with in our Privacy Statement.

InfiNET Broadband doesn’t store or match personal information on behalf of third parties, our only obligation is to retain the information necessary to provide, maintain and bill for services. Any data not required to meet these needs is destroyed.

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