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InfiNET Broadband - Key Fact Sheet NBN Fixed Wireless

Residential/Personal NBN Fixed Wireless Plans (Information on speed tiers)

The following information relates to Residential or Personal NBN Fixed Wireless plans that are delivered over the NBN fixed wireless network. The information is to assist in understanding and making informed choices about NBN services offered by InfiNET Broadband. The information will help you prepare to migrate to the NBN or relocate to another connection type.

InfiNET Broadband offer a range of NBN speed tiers. A speed tier is a theoretical maximum speed that is available during off-peak periods. The actual speed that you experience may be less, especially during busy periods.

NBN 25/5NBN 25/10NBN 50/20NBN 100/40
InfiNET Plan NameInfiNET NBN TC4 25/5Mbps UnlimitedInfiNET NBN TC4 25/10Mbps UnlimitedInfiNET NBN TC4 50/20Mbps UnlimitedInfiNET NBN TC4 100/40Mbps Unlimited
Typical Speed (Peak)
19:00 – 23:00
25Mbps Download* 5Mbps Upload*25Mbps Download* 10Mbps Upload*50Mbps Download* 20Mbps Upload*100Mbps Download* 40Mbps Upload*
Typical Speed (Off Peak)
23:00 – 19:00
25Mbps Download* 5Mbps Upload*25Mbps Download* 10Mbps Upload*50Mbps Download* 20Mbps Upload*100Mbps Download* 40Mbps Upload*
Suitable use for:1 Users2-3 Users2-3 Users3-5 Users
Usage:Social Media Emails & Web browsingSocial Media Emails & Web browsingSocial Media Emails & Web browsing, HD Video, Ultra HD + 4K VideosSocial Media Emails & Web browsing, HD Video, Ultra HD + 4K Videos
Access Technologies:Fixed WirelessFixed WirelessFixed WirelessFixed Wireless

* Actual speeds may vary for a number of reasons. Some include: Poor-quality routers, distance from the router using Wi-Fi or interference, old or inferior cabling/wiring. InfiNET Broadband will be able to help find or rule out some of the issues that might be causing these problems & suggest ways to fix them. InfiNET will continue to collect data & our NBN Key Facts sheet will be updated to reflect peak speeds as they change.

NBN Access Technologies:

Please visit our page for full details on the various NBN access technologies and how they work. If it’s established, your connection isn’t capable of supporting the chosen plan and speed tier, you will have the option to move to a lower plan (if available), remain on the selected plan or cancel your service and exit your contract if applicable without penalty.

Technical limitations:

  • NBN services will not function during a power failure unless the NBN service is connected to a UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply)
  • Speed or performance can be affected by the standard of cabling, router quality, electrical interference, physical distance between the router and Wi-Fi devices. InfiNET can help discover and resolve these performance issues

Medical alarms/security:

If there are any medical/security alarm services you want to use, they must be checked for compatibility with an NBN service. Please contact the provider of your medical or security alarm service to advise on options.

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